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Now, before I get mad                                     

In this 1960's suspense short an ordinarily patient man loses his cool and decides to stay home from work to reprimand his irresponsible wife and child. Both have been putting something off that now causes the entire family a great deal of embarrassment. Especially the father.


A true WWII story. Select Air Force pilots, dressed in plain clothes, fly daring midnight resupply missions into the heart of German-occupied Europe. They do so in secret, prior to the official U.S. involvement in the war. With modified bombers these brave men drop guns, provisions, and even spies to aid the French resistance fighters who refuse to bend a knee to Hitler's army. Shot down by German Aces, and already in pursuit before landing, a small crew of elite airmen tragically find themselves on the other side of this heroic resupply chain.  


In 2308 the United Earth Empire controls all aspects of planetary resources, including human life. Depending on how and where a person is born, technology is either a simple part of everyday life, or a mysterious force more frightening than witchcraft. Amira, a former slave girl whose destiny is to save humanity by reuniting it, must find a way to reconcile these diverse ways of life as she is the only one who was built to do so.


This original pilot takes place 30,000 years ago and follows the story of Rotu, a man who can speak with the so called “Star Parents.” Being the first to invent agriculture on this virgin world has made him suddenly very popular. Enough to get him in trouble with neighboring elders. But Rotu's life saving advancement, farming, will only survive if he himself lives long enough to show others how to use it.