Originally Joe thought he would pursue a career in medicine but rediscovered his passion for writing as a junior in college. After taking a few screenwriting courses it was apparent to Joe and his professors that he possessed both an active creative vision and strong narrative instincts.  

Since graduating from Villanova University in 2014 Joe has worked as a production manager, screenwriter, copywriter, and freelance cameraman for local production companies and organizations like Think Reel Films, The New Jersey State Department, Defwood Productions, Novelty Hat LLC and countless others. He also continues to write and direct content of his own in his free time ranging from short films he himself has produced to feature screenplays. Joe's interests lie in "Creating worth while and immersive pieces of entertainment that hopefully challenge the audience to prefer substance over spectacle". 

His hobbies include, pottery, PC gaming, and piloting small hobby drones for the purpose of airborne cinematography.